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With the incoming class of a new working generation, there is greater demand for an exquisitely designed workplace. Out are the days of simple cubicles and rolling desk chairs. As technology grows and develops, we have a greater need to feel truly connected, and the way a workplace is designed can foster connection and innovation. That’s where River City Furniture Rentals comes in. Our expansive collection of tables, chairs, and couches can get those connections started for you. A meeting around a smooth Oak table, catching up on a project on a contemporary plush couch, or taking a break in a vintage yet sumptuous recliner. This is the new generation of the workplace, and River City is here to help you design your workspace to encourage worker satisfaction, promoting productivity and efficiency through the beauty of well-crafted and elegant furniture.

Workspace Furniture Rental

It starts with reaching out to our team for a consultation. We will work with the needs of your space to handle everything furniture related, including the pieces themselves, accessories, accent pieces, and artwork to give your workspace an elevated and inviting feel. After coming to an agreement on the affordable terms of our lease, our Dedicated Service Team will work hard so you don’t have to. Installation is a breeze, and your employees will be grateful for the effort and attention to detail you put into designing their place to work. Yet, the way the interior design industry shapes and shifts is unpredictable these days, as tastes and trends come and go. Why waste thousands of dollars on flashy new furniture that will eventually go out of style, when you can simply rent? Swapping out furniture after the lease is easy and cost-effective, to keep your space feeling fresh and your employees feeling motivated.

Our Guarantee

The choice for Commercial Workspace furniture rentals is clear, River City will not only get the job done, but get it done well, that’s our guarantee. Our furniture is always delivered and installed on time, with no hassle to you. Our collection of furniture is visually stunning, practical, and comfortable, ensuring that your employees feel excited about the space in which they work, ready to spark connections and get their wheels turning. After the lease is up, we are there to remove and replace your furniture, quickly and easily, to reflect the current design trends, so your space is always on the cutting edge. We put in the work with interior design, so you don’t have to. You’re busy, and we understand that. Don’t sweat the small stuff, let River City Furniture Rental handle the furnishing of your workspace.

Work Space Furniture Rental and Staging

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